Top 10 Online Breastfeeding/Parenting Resource

 I love the Internet and I am not ashamed to admit it!  When the kids go to sleep, I love to sneak away and check out Anthropologie for the newest dresses and Nordstroms for the latest shoe craze.  I also am addicted to finding great breastfeeding and parenting resources that I can share with the moms that I work with.  

When a mom tells me that she was googling 'breastfeeding and thrush' and read that she shouldn't breastfeed until it goes away, I get truly bummed.  I want all of my moms to feel successful and the Internet, while it has amazing gems of information, also has tons of misinformation that can set moms down a long windy path of discouragement.  Hence, the list.... When you are sleep deprived and looking for a helpful, well-researched answer to guide you back to sanity, this is the list you should refer to!  

Top 10 Online Breastfeeding/Parenting Resouces

1. San Diego Breastfeeding Center Blog: Well, of course I would put mine first!  This resource is completely researched and here to support you in all of your breastfeeding and parenting needs.  Plus, I hope to include videos and guest bloggers over the next few weeks!

2. This is the most comprehensive breastfeeding resource on the web.  It is the first place I look for breastfeeding information and is updated regularly.

3. Look here for all of the best ways to increase your milks supply, once you have worked with a lactation consultant to identify the cause.

4. Best for Babes: Looking for ways to overcome some 'Booby Traps?'  This site is your virtual cheerleader!

5. New Dad's Manual: Great new website out of Canada.  Written by dads, for dads and infused with humor.

6. Dr Sear's Website: For all things parenting and breastfeeding, this doctor has it all.  Infused with holistic practices, I often look here for parenting advice.

7. Work and Pump: For moms going back to work, this web site will walk you through the steps for an easy transition, plus provide you with resources for your employer.

8. While I don't use this site as an educational resource, their prices, speedy delivery, and quality of products blows my mind.  So much more than diapers!

9. The Babywearer: Demos, lists, resources galore!

10. Dirty Diaper Laundry: Anything and everything you wanted to know about cloth diapers.


Now I am off to BlogHer '11 to meet some fabulous women, make some wonderful contacts (who will hopefully become some guest bloggers on our blog), and become inspired by the written word!

If you are inspired by this list and would love to add to it, please comment and share!