How to Gently Wean your Baby

PregTASTICLast week, I had the privilege of being the Breastfeeding Expert on a fabulous online radio show, called PregTASTIC.   If you've never heard of PregTASTIC, you definitely need to check it out!  They have over 200 podcasts all about pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Each PregTASTIC episode features a panel of expecting moms, as well as experts who candidly answer all of your pregnancy-related questions.  

Since I receive so many questions on Facebook and Twitter about how to gently wean a baby from breastfeeding, this topic couldn't have been more timely.  So, download the podcast, Weaning and Breastfeeding While Pregnant, and listen to it next time you are in your car or on a walk with your little one.  Enjoy!

Do you have advice for other moms about how to gently wean?  
What worked for you?