What Do You Want to Read About This Year?

As the San Diego Breastfeeding Center blog, (aka, The Sanity Spot), enters 2012, I wanted to revisit what my goals were when I launched this blog in 2009.  As I began writing this blog, I wanted to share research-based, accurate breastfeeding and parenting information, with a twist of sass.  I wanted to share my own personal experiences with breastfeeding and parenting two children.  I wanted to engage you, my blog followers, so that you would feel like this was a space where you could share your experiences and knowledge.  

Am I currently meeting those goals?
What more could I do to meet your breastfeeding and parenting informational needs?

With a fairly blank Google calendar on my computer, I would like to fill those article spaces with topics that you truly want to know more about.  

Do you want to know how to treat sore nipples?

Do you want to know how to breastfeed in a carrier or wrap?

Do you want to hear from other mothers who are going what you are going through right now?

I won't know unless you take this SUPER QUICK poll (I mean super quick....like only 3 questions!)  Will you share your opinions with me so that I can find out all of the answers to your burning questions?  I would be forever grateful, as will all of your fellow readers:)