Why I Love my Breastfeeding Support Group

I love my breastfeeding support group, The Mother's Circle!  Every week I have the honor of spending 90 minutes with 20-25 amazing new moms and their adorable babies.  Some moms come to the group to ask me for some assistance and guidance with breastfeeding.  Some moms come to get parenting advice from other new moms, who are going through the exact same experiences as they are.  And then there are my Mother's Circle 'groupies'.  These are the fabulous ladies who come week after week because they have met new friends, who also come to the group on a weekly basis. 

Whatever the reason was that brought these caring, inspiring, amazing ladies to my group, I am forever grateful that they have welcomed me, and the other weekly moms, into their lives.  Our group has become a place where moms (with breastfeeding babies of all ages) can come to gab, laugh, cry, and just feel the love and support from the other females in the room.  Does it get better than that?

So, if the above reasons haven't motivated you enough to seek out a breastfeeding support group in your neighborhood, I would like to introduce some of my favorite Mother's Circle ladies to share why they love attending a breastfeeding support group.




Why do you love your breastfeeding support group?