Top Five Favorite Baby Items for 2011

Let’s face it… I am definitely out of the ‘new baby’ mode.  With two boys, 5 and 6 years old, I am now more familiar with soccer practice, homework, and superheroes than I am with cloth diapers and Ergo carriers.  While I remember which items literally saved my sanity as a new mother, there are quite a few more gems on the market now that seem to be new mama favorites.  According to a recent poll on my San Diego Breastfeeding Center Facebook page (which you should definitely ‘like’ if you enjoy my blog articles!), here are the most important baby items to have in your home as a new mama.  Please feel free to add your favorites to the comment section!

Top Five Favorite Baby Items for 2011

  1. Baby Carrier/Wrap/Sling: This was my top choice as well.  My little guy, Ryan, was quite a fussy little guy those first few months.  Pop him in an Ergo and I was an instant soothing machine!  Plus, I could eat dinner while he slept on me….it was awesome!  I could also chase after his older brother, Ben, at the park while never leaving Ryan’s side.  For an amazing article about the plethora of different carriers/wraps/slings out there, check out our article Babywearing 101.
  2. Swaddling Blankets:  While my kids were not fans of swaddling, many of my mama friends swear their babies would have never slept with them.  My favorites are  the muslin ones, for their breathability and comfort for the baby.  Check out these gorgeous muslin swaddling blankets from Aden + Anais!
  3. Bouncy Chair:  Yes, this was a winner in our house as well.  I am convinced that this was the main reason I was able to take a shower for those first few postpartum months…. keeping an eye on my baby by placing him in the bouncy chair right outside the shower door. 
  4. Breast pump: Since I went back to work when my kids were a few months old, my double electric breast pump saved my breastfeeding life.  It was fast, efficient, and an all-out milking machine!   Even stay-at-home moms need a break every once in a while.  So, check out to read the ratings or ask a friend for her recommendation because baby might need a bottle of breastmilk while mama is relaxing at her pedicure, drinking Starbucks!
  5. Really Good Camera: After taking photos of Ben’s first month of life on a crappy camera, my hubby and I treated ourselves to an awesome (read EXPENSIVE!) camera.  Best money spent!  While you may be wishing away those sleepless nights, you will yearn to capture every smile, milestone, trip to the park, and sleeping face of your beautiful child.  It’s worth the money!


Honorable mention: White Noise Machine, Jogging Stroller, and Glider – Do what you will with these. 

My favorite comments: Earplugs (from a ‘dad’ friend of mine) and Starbucks cards (from my Aunt Alice – mother of five).  Both are clearly necessary to save your sanity….and super cheap!


So, did you find your favorites on the list?  Do you have a few you would like to add? 


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