Our Breastfeeding Memoirs - Chapter Four

From Karen,

I am a mom of 3.  I breastfed my first until she was 18 mos old.  I breastfed my 2nd until he was 20 months old.  So far, I'm still feeding my 1 year old and my plan is to go 18 months.  With each child, I LOVED breastfeeding.  With each child, I was ready to give up breastfeeding b/c it was so hard!  You'd think that an experienced mom would know how to breastfeed by now, but with each child, comes differences in personality and eating styles. 

My advice to breastfeeding mothers is to never give up.  The benefits to both you and your baby far outweigh any temporary pain or cuts.  I love the bonding moments that I've had with each child and wouldn't trade it for the world.  Just remember, that in many countries, they don't have formula.  Babies are meant to be breastfed naturally and all will work out.  It also helps to have a great lactation consultant (like Robin!!!) to help you relearn the skill of breastfeeding.

Good luck and never ever give up!  It's so worth it!

We would love to hear your breastfeeding memoirs. This is a place to share your triumphs and struggles, your successes and heartbreaks. We need to share our stories. Will you share yours with us?


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