Champion Mom

I have been working with a client for over 6 weeks now and it has definitely been the most challenging case I have had to date. Baby was tongue-tied, mom had severe nipple trauma, and the mom had to supplement the baby so that she could continue to gain weight. I worried about them constantly....I wanted it to work out so badly. My heart was breaking for them every time I got a phone call that things had taken a step backwards. I reached out to colleagues for advice on something I felt I may be missing. We went for a second opinion, just to make sure I had all of the facts correct. Fortunately, the mom was super dedicated to breastfeeding and wanted to succeed so badly. I just was the cheerleader and support system.

Well, after two frenotomies, countless lactation consultations, multiple appointments with a craniosacral therapist, pumping after every feeding session, and a handful of supplements to battle the nipple trauma, mom and baby are now successfully breastfeeding. I was so proud of the duo that I could have cried! I am so in awe of the mom's dedication and how she persevered to achieve what she set out to accomplish. She battled and won! It has been such an incredible learning experience, as well as an amazing confidence booster for me as a lactation consultant. I feel blessed to have met this family!