Breastfeeding 101 Classes

I am so excited! I finally have a place to teach my Breastfeeding 101 classes. I have been volunteering, teaching my class at Best Start Birth Center, for over 4 months. Now, I finally will be teaching there and at the Whole Family Wellness Center on a regular basis.

I have always loved teaching, which is one of the reasons that I got into this profession. I love sharing knowledge, brainstorming best practices, and collaborating with others. While teaching elementary school-aged children was a blast, now that I have my own kids, I prefer to teach adults, particularly new moms. Also, thanks to my brother and sisters who have been passionate about holistic medicine for over 15 years (one sister is an herbalist, another has celiac disease, and my brother is a vegetarian, mountain-man), I have been exposed to more natural, traditional ways to eat, treat illness, and live a healthy life. I am still learning everyday, not just to improve my quality of life, but for my husband and my two young children.

In Breastfeeding 101, I combine western philosophies with traditional naturopathic beliefs to make breastfeeding natural and easy for each and every mother and family. This class covers the benefits of breastfeeding, what to expect in the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding, breastfeeding positions, and common misconceptions about breastfeeding. I also discuss baby self-attachment, ways to build a healthy milk supply, and holistic methods for treating common breastfeeding concerns.

Breastfeeding 101 will be offered at the Best Start Birth Center and the Whole Family Wellness Center, at least once a month. Please see my calendar for dates and times at /calendar.html
To register for one of these classes, please see and fill out the registration form.

Please pass this information on to all of your pregnant friends:)