Calling All Moms! Share Your Sanity-Saving Advice!


Did you receive some fabulous, invaluable advice that just 'saved your sanity' after your baby was born?

As moms, we receive unsolicited advice (sometimes daily!) from everyone ranging from family members to doctors to the cashier at the grocery store. Most of it can be seen as patronizing or irritating, however some advice can be extremely helpful.

I would love if we, as a community of moms, could create a list of those 'sanity-saving' gems for all of those moms who could use the nonjudgmental, caring advice.

Please post your advice to the comments after this post and let's create a 'sanity-saving' support system for all moms out there in the cyberspace world.

My 'sanity-saving' advice:
Allow your husband/partner/baby's father to parent in his/her own way. Allow him/her to make mistakes without judging him/her. If you step in every time parenting gets difficult, he/she will always require you to solve the parenting problem....that means more work for you in the end. Plus, you never know when you may learn something positive from his/her parenting style.


What fantastic, sanity-saving advice would you like to share with your favorite mamas out there?