Infant Massage Rubs San Diego Babies the Right Way

Infant Massage Rubs San Diego Babies the Right Way

Rachel Rainbolt, M.A., CEIM, ICI

San Diego parents are catching on; research shows that infant massage makes your baby smarter, stronger, healthier, and happier. While most parents are lured to infant massage by benefits like improved sleep patterns and relief from gastrointestinal distress, many find the most rewarding benefit to be the bond that is fostered in their new relationship with their baby.

Are you a new parent? Do you want to give your baby every advantage? Do you want something that makes parenting life easier along the way? Infant massage can give your baby a significant physical, intellectual, emotional, and social advantage that lasts a lifetime.

"Infant Massage promotes an infant’s physiological and neurological development and function, helps soothe common discomforts, promotes restful sleep and increases healthy attachment and bonding," says Infant Massage USA Trainer and Ramona resident, Suzanne P. Reese.

Infant massage stimulates digestion, healthy weight gain, intellectual development, circulation and natural healing. It promotes relaxation, sleep, self regulation, and reduces stress hormones. It relieves gastrointestinal discomfort/pain, tension, and colic. Research shows that infants who are massaged sleep longer and cry less. Even with all these benefits, parents are finding that what they treasure most from their infant massage experience is the strong, close, and healthy attachment that is fostered.

"Our new family bonded through these classes and we found massage to be a very valuable tool for getting to know our son. We loved it and looked forward to it every week!” says Carmel Mountain Ranch mom, Elizabeth Cooper-Shultz.

Infant massage promotes parent-child interaction. Parents and babies learn to read and respond sensitively to each others’ cues. Love, empathy, and respect for each other are cultivated. Infant massage enhances verbal and nonverbal communication, provides interaction through all the senses and communicates your love through nurturing and compassionate touch. Secure attachments are formed which grow into healthy relationships based on trust and security that last a lifetime.

"I would highly recommend this class to new moms and dads. My husband and I really enjoyed the class and were disappointed when it ended. When my daughter got constipated after the classes ended I knew how to make her feel better and the same thing was true when she got a cold. It’s nice and comforting to know how to make your child feel better. Massage is now a part of our bedtime routine. Since massaging in the evenings I’ve found that Reagan sleeps more soundly and longer too! I’d suggest taking the class early so you can take advantage of the colic and calming routines. An awesome experience!” says San Marcos mom, Stacy Reazor.

The short version: if you’re a new parent who is a fan of sleeping longer and less crying, then this is the class for you. The numerous benefits of infant massage are researched and well documented. If you brought a child into this world with hopes of a healthy, happy, attached family, then enroll today. As I go through my night-night routine with my baby, I will follow our bath with a massage and we will both fall asleep with the potential for tomorrow, peace for today, and harmony with each other.

At Ohana Wellness our mission is to enhance the well-being of families, ohanas. We promote health, happiness and growth while fostering attachment between parent and baby. We offer classes in Infant Massage, Babywearing and Baby Sign Language, an informative newsletter, a comprehensive resource list, and a complete line of Baby Signs products. It is our honor to touch your lives, making the transition of birth a harmonious one, easing your job as a parent, and contributing to the formation of a beautiful bond that will last a lifetime.

Rachel Rainbolt, a mother of two with eleven years of experience working with young children and parents has a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy and is featured as a Parenting Expert on KUSI’s “Inside San Diego.” She works passionately to nurture the loving bond between parent and child to foster happy, healthy families. Rachel is a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM), trained and certified by Infant Massage USA and a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor (ICI).