The Simplest Presents are the Most Cherished

Since my boys were born, we have searched for the perfect educational gifts to keep them entertained while they learn. After almost five years, we are continually surprised by how the simplest gifts are the ones they adore the most.

Today, my three and four year old watch the Nightmare Before Christmas while drawing with their new $.99 sharpie pens, which they are totally enamored with. So, for all of you new and seasoned mommies out there, here is my list of top 5 presents that my kids have receives that are cheap and easy to find.

5. Their own drawer of wooden spoons, whisks, towels, and spatulas in the kitchen.

4. A step stool, to help wash the dishes and cook dinner.

3. Dry erase boards with a 'special' eraser.

2. A mini broom and dust pan

1. Photo album that they have helped make.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for keeping up with the Sanity Spot. I look forward to offering more advice for the new mom in the new year.