A little breastfeeding-support advocacy

How many of you out there needed the help of a lactation consultant or rented a pump? How many of you actually had those services covered by your health insurance? I know that my lactation consultations were absolutely invaluable, considering I saw my LC with both of my boys and attended her support groups multiple times....so valuable that I paid out of pocket! Well, we in California are in the process of trying to pass a bill that would make insurance cover:

  • lactation consultation by an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
  • the provision of quality breast pumps, as part of their health care service plans or insurance policies that provide maternity coverage.

Hello??? That is a no-brainer!

We are still waiting for the Governor’s signature on our bill AB 513. He has until October 11 to either sign the measures into law, let the bills become law without his signature or veto the bills. I know that we all are super busy....hey, we are moms....but we also know how to rally behind a very important cause. Please send a letter of support as soon as possible. We need to have our bill files full of support letters!

Hopefully one day all women will have free access to professional lactation consultants and pumping equipment!

Here is a fact letter about AB 513

Here is where to find a sample letter of support