Top 10 Sanity Savers for Moms

This list is for all of the moms out there who are looking for a little sanity...

10. Clean Well All-Natural Hand Sanitizer - clean away playground dirt and other gross residue without poisoning those kiddos with nasty toxins.

9. Fruit smoothies with kefir - my friends call it 'bug juice.' If you have a picky eater, fruit smoothies with kefir pack quite a protein punch with much less sugar than adding yogurt. Get all of those vitamins and minerals in before 9am.

8. Dinosaur Train and Little Einsteins - I don't feel so bad plopping my kids in front of the TV for an episode (or 5!) when they can now recognize a Van Gogh painting, hum multiple classical tunes, and point out a Stygimoloch.

7. Date night with your partner - no kids, uninterrupted dinner, maybe a movie. Your partner will thank you!

6. Strong coffee - changes a grumpy mommy into a peppy mommy! Your kids will thank you!

5. Trader Joe's - "Find the Monkey and Get a Treat"... must have been thought up by a mom who really needed to get the grocery shopping done. Thank you!

4. Good crock pot recipes - greatest invention EVER. Seriously, my house is "Crazy Town" at I could even attempt to cook a meal at this hour.

3. Play dates with friends who have kids as crazy as yours - I can only truly relax when I am with friends whose kids are as embarrassing as mine.

2. Girls' Night Out - Mom or not, all women need a little TLC from their friends. No Kids Allowed!

1. - the greatest time-saving web site out there (they even keep track of previous purchases and have a completely 'green baby' section)